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07 Agustus 2008

Indonesia - English and English - Indonesia Dictionary

Have you ever found some difficulties when you want to translate Bahasa Indonesia to English or English to Bahasa Indonesia ? Everyone maybe found that. When you start writing, you will find words that you don't know its word in other language. Example, when you want to translate an article in English to Indonesia, you will find words that you haven't known it yet. In another case, you will also find words in Indonesia that you don't know its translate in English. So, how to solve this problem ?

One of many solutions provided by others is using dictionary. You can find it in many form like books, ebooks, and also software. The latest form mentioned is a simple way. You need a computer to install it in your computer and it can be done offline. Many websites provide this tool. You just type keyword and click search button and some results will be displayed.

I have one translate software here, named Kamus 2.03. I think it is made in Indonesia. I don't know who create this software. I have downloaded it. I think this software is freeware and when you search it in search engines, you will find it too. So thanks for the creator. May be it is useful for others. You can download it here.

Please look at picture. This is the preface when you open it ( full mode ) and it can be changed to compact mode by click green arrow on the top or right side. How to use it ? Just type word that you want to find it its translate. You may choose three option on the top. Automatic, English-Indonesian, and Indonesian-English. In Automatic, it will be adjusted according to word that you type. After you type word, click find button. You will find some meanings for the word you typed.

I hope you understand what i mean. If you wish to download it, click here
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31 Juli 2008

Learn Pivot Table - Introduction

Have you ever listened about Pivot Table ?Having known but you don't know how to make it ?OK. In this post, we will talk about PivotTable ?. What is pivottable?
Here some defenition of PivotTable.

1. PivotTable is a program tool that allows you to reorgaanize and summarize selected column and row of data in a spreedsheet table or database to obtain desired reports.

2. PivotTable is an interactive table which allows you to summarize data in large amount quickly.

3. PivotTable is a way to extract data from long list of information dan represent it a readable form.

PivotTable is a great feature in Microsoft Ecxel. By using PivotTable, we can summarize data in large amount quickly and obtain desired reports. Characteristc of PivotTable is interacitve, in mean changeable according to our desirability by some adjustment dan has many viewpoint. By placing fields in certain area, it will obtain reports from different viewpoint. If fields in certain area are changes, it will obtain a different report too. So, it is depend on our wish and some adjustment. Just it.

Ok. This post enoughly discuss about what is pivottable. I hope that you have understood what pivottable is. Now, how to make it ? Be patient, follow next post.
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28 Juli 2008

Earn Money From Internet

Internet is not only a huge place for information. In internet, we can find what we want to find. Just input the keyword in search engines, we will find many information and many sources on what we want to know. Often, we don't consider that internet is also a great way to earn money. Really ?

Yes. That's Right. Ok, now input the keyword such as "make money from intenet" in search engine. Now see the results, so many way how to earn money. Internet marketing, affiliate program, file hosting, online shop, etc are the way how to earn money.

Now, i want to inform you about one way how to earn money from internet. Just read ads emails, and validate it, you can earn money. A simple way. When you have signed up on it, you will receive $ 10 for sign up bonus. Wow ...what a good start. Hits4pay provide it for you. You will receive ads email from hits4pay clien. Are you interested ? Do you want to know more ?
Just Visit the site here.
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25 Juli 2008

Download Video From YouTube Using Free Download Manager ver 2.5

Judulnya pake bahasa Inggris. Kalau di Indonesiakan "Mengunduh video dari YouTube menggunakan Free Download Manager ver 2.5". You Tube is considered as one of the most popular video sharing sites. In YouTube you can upload, share and view many videos. Just have an account on it, you can upload and share. You can also view many videos which uploaded by another users. You can see many categories of video.The question is how to download videos from it ?
( YouTube diakui sebagai satu dari sekian banyak situs video sharing terkemuka. Di YouTube kamu bisa meng-upload, membagi dan melihat banyak video. hanya dengan punya akun, kamu bisa meng-upload dan membagi. Kamu juga bisa melihat banyak video yang diupload oleh pengguna yang lain. kamu bisa melihat banyak jenis video. Pertanyaannya adalah bagaimana mendownload video dari you tube?

In Internet, you will find many ways how to download video from YouTube. Many software are created to do that job. People also develop webs which can download video from youtube. Just copy the URL and put it on the text area and click download, wait and you can get the video that you want. Using Free Download Manager is one of many ways how to download video from YouTube.
(Di Intenet, kamu akan menemukan banyak cara bagaimana mendownload video dari YouTube. Banyak software diciptakan untuk melakukan pekerjaan itu. Orang-orang juga membangun web yang bisa mendownload video dari youtube. Hanya dengan mengkopi URL dan meletakkannya pada text area dan klik download, tunggu dan kamu bisa mendapat video yang kamu inginkan. Memakai Free Download Manager adalah salah satu cara untuk mendownload video dari YouTube).
First, please download Free Download Manager ver 2.5 here because this software will be used to do this job. You can download it here. After you download it, follow the steps below.
( Pertama, download lah Free Download Manager ver 2.5 disini, karena software ini akan digunakan untuk melakukan pekerjaan ini. Kamu bisa mendownloadnya disini. Setelah mendownload, ikuti langkah-langkah berikut ini)

1. Activate free download manager. ( Aktifkan free download manager)
2. Click on Flash Video Download tab. (Klik pada tab Flash Video Download)
3. Click on Flash Video Downloads menu and choose "Create Flash Video Download" or Click "Plus" button in the toolbar. ( Klik Flash Video Downloads pada menu bar dan pilihlah "Create Flash Video Download atau klik tanda tambah (plus) pada toolbar).

4. Enter the URL in the appeared Create flash video download dialog box. (Masukkan URL Video yang diinginkan pada kotak dialog Creat Flash Video Download yang muncul)

5. If you want to automatically convert downloaded video to another format, just tick the option Automatically convert downloaded video to the specified format and customize it to format that you want. ( Jika kamu ingin secara otomatis mengkonversi video yang didownload ke dalam format yang lain, ceklist pada opsi "Automatically convert downloaded video to the specified format" and sesuaikan dengan format yang diinginkan)

6. Click OK. (Klik OK)

You can also preview downloaded videos on the screen on the bottom. Lets do it. ( Kamu juga bisa melakukan preview video yang didownload pada layar di bawah. Ayo kita lakukan. =)

Note : You can also convert the video format by push convert button on the right side of the screen while it is previewed. ( Kamu juga bisa mengkonversi format video dengan menekan tombol convert pada sisi kanan layar selagi video di preview.
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Versi Terbaru Free Download Manager

Posting about download software called free download manager actually had been wrote dan published. If you don't see the post yet about the same topic, please click here. Same with the previous post, on this post also provide link to download this software. So, what is the difference ?

Yesterday, when i visit free download manager website, and click download menu, new version of free download manager had been released. Newest version called Free Download Manager version 2.5 build 758. If you want to download this software, click here. Size of file is 6.13 MB. So, be patient when you download it. In other page of that website, there are some tutorials how to download video using it include how to download video from the famous video share site, Youtube. So interesing, isn't it ?

We can manage our download file in it and we also can download desired videos from youtube. Insya ALLAH, the posting will be made and published. First, I will read that article. If you want to download this software, click here.
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